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Enel iPhone application on apps store

Today we are proud to announce the availability of Enel mobile applications.
Interact has developed two versions of the application, one for the iPhone and one for the BlackBerry.
This application gives you the ability to subscribe to the information feeds from the Enel World: national and regional press releases, news and real-time stock information. Moreover, you will have access to the Horoscope and the Weather Forecast (only in Italy).
Please try it out, via iPhone and BlackBerry.

Insideout Today new website

The strength of the website in delivering a message about a company should never be underestimated. In fact, research has been carried out considerably to check the credibility of the company that has a powerful website and it has been proved that people trust a company that has such an online powerful presence! Never theless ; having a website is not just a factor that will help you gain credibility, in fact, you need to create an interactive website and further ensure that the content will be engaging to your type of customer.

Interact delivers mobile streaming technology in Kuwait

Interact is a market leader with a long-standing history in providing end-to-end streaming platforms. One of interact's major partners is Realnetworks, which provides the unmatched Universal Media Delivery Platform, the Helix platform - the reason for Interact to have built a considerable network of clients who depend heavily on streaming platforms to serve their clients.

Discover the new streaming solutions by Interact based on RealNetworks technology

Broadband IPTV
The RealNetworks Broadband IPTV solution enables you to create your own TV on broadband IP network, by distributing both live and on demand contents. Such contents can be delivered on all PC's and Apple Mac by exploiting the features of the Helix standard Server that supports various media formats comprising RealMedia, Quick Time, MPEG-4, Mobile 3GPP (H.264 & H. 263) and Windows Media.
Learn more about Broadband IPTV Bundle
Internet Radio

Enel Mobile Experience

A new video created for Enel is now available where you can see how the new applications for iPhone, iPad e BlackBerry work.
You can download the applications created by Interact via the following links:

Application for iPhone "Enel Mobile Energy"

Application for BlackBerry "Enel Mobile Energy"

Application for iPad "frammenti di Storia"

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