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Insideout Today— A Bird's eye view on the essentiality of Social Media Platforms to Entrepreneurs and Start-ups.

As Insideout Today is well-known for providing its substantial expertise in the field of Social Media services and solutions, we have organized our second Social Media workshop, on this occasion for Entrepreneurs, as part of the Entrepreneurship Empowerment Symposium during the Global Entrepreneurship week. The workshop took place at the Convention Center located in Smart Village on the 7th of November, 2010.

Value of Social Media & E-mail Marketing delivered to Egypt markets in joint summit with Micheal Leander

Caring to bring further social media expertise to the Egyptian market, Insideout Today has co-organized a Social Media Marketing and E-mail Marketing master class, in Egypt with Markedu, hosting Micheal Leander; the international marketing guru, trainer and consultant in direct & interactive marketing, to run this interesting summit on the importance of two currently hot topics in the Market-Social Marketing and e-mail marketing globally, and how it those two relate to the current direct and digital Egyptian Market.

Social Media Sparking The Egyptian Revolution!

The perception of Social Media, especially in Egypt has completely changed since Jan the 25th, 2011 in Egypt, as it became known to the whole world that one of the greatest - if not the greatest- revolution in the history of Egypt, is driven by Social Media Networks!
The impact of social media networks it not to be undermined any longer! They have proved to be very powerful interms of convening people, specifically when there are serious issues at hand.

Insideout Today in the First Global Digital Marketing Summit in Africa

The first truly global digital marketing summit is taking place in Africa and is all set to kick off in Nairobi in June, 2011. The event will focus on the internet and the digital marketing amongst some of the renound social media gurus in Africa.
Country Manager ; Fady Ramzy will be a keynote speaker in this digital marketing summit to speak about social media and you can check to know more in a brief about what he will be speaking about in this video
The details of the event will be as follows.

Insideout Today boosts Digital marketing in Africa

Insideout Today strongly participated last week in Afri-tech, Africa's leading digital marketing summit. Fady Ramzy, Insideout Today country manager was there as a keynote speaker talking about utilizing social media for business, especially for entrepreneurs and start-ups, where he shared lots of personal hands-on experience as an entrepreneur in the era of web 3.0.

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