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Media Streaming



Live streaming your events over the internet has never been easier! We help you to stream & deliver live events of any size and complexity, ranging from the preparation and organization of filming to delivery to the end user. 

We broadcast your corporate event, training, meeting, and so on, to the whole reaching all connected devices and delivering the best user experience and viewership.

Live streaming service includes

  • Turn key-service including all the required resources and equipment. 
  • Top quality multiple bitrate streaming including HD, therefore providing best user experience over desktop (providing HD quality) as well as lower bitrates for mobile devices and phones.
  • Realtime reporting & analytics for your streams to discover all information about your audience.
  • User engagement features like the chat, social media integration and also different website embedding options. 
  • DVR Users can pause & rewind anything they missed and then get back to live mode to catchup with the live streaming again!



Video streaming now is a critical tool for online marketing. Options vary from dedicated video streaming platforms, to streaming using social media like Facebook live & YouTube, to just using your webcam over skype! This adds complexity how to choose the best options to deliver the best quality to your audience. 

At InsideOut Today, our digital media consultants bring 20+ year of technical as well as business experience at your fingertips to help you by ensuring that your team stays in sync with industry trends and technology best practices.

Video streaming consultancy services include

  • Setup & equipment We help you choose the best streaming setup & equipment in the market that fit specially your needs. 
  • Video marketing What are your business targets and KPIs? Based on this, we can help you build the required strategy to ensure smooth and quick achievements of those targets.
  • Technical Architecture Want to setup your own in-house streaming platform? Our consultants can help you design the best technical architecture to ensure reliable, bullet-proof platform. 
  • Technical support our experienced technical support team can provide you dedicated support round the clock. 



We guarantee that your videos shall run smoothly on multiple devices, in multiple bitrates and multiple formats You can have your file in any format , and we encode/transcode the file into different formats for compatibility with different devices as well as different bit rates, to deliver the best quality possible.

A simple mp4 file can be transcoded and delivered as Apple HLS, Adobe RTMP, Adobe HDS, Universal RTSP, Dash, and, last but not least, MS smooth streaming protocols in low quality, high quality, and HD quality with auto-adaptation delivery according to clients connection speed.

Encoding/transcoding services include 

  • File encoding Adaptive bitrate encoding with workflow automation & watch folders and video stitching 
  • File transcoding Any file format as Input, multiple bitrate multiple format as out, with support for DRM and access control and set of APIs available to ease any required integrations.  
  • Live Transcoding Adaptive bitrate, multi-device transcoding in multiple formats as well as auto-archiving for VOD usage later on.

system integration


The business world is being digitalized at a significantly fast pace. So creating digital solutions that serve your business and offer you brand recognition, conversions, and engagement is a must.

InsideOut Today not only offers you unique digital solutions but also offers system integration. Bringing together the components of your system, we can offer you an easy process integrating our solutions with your already existing systems. Our experienced calibers will work around your existing system and offer you solutions specially tailored for your system and business.

System integration services include 

  • Integration Integrating your existing platforms and applications with our smart content management platforms and video streaming solutions.
  • Migration Migrating your existing website to our smart content management platform or your video infrastructure to HelixWare.
  • APIs We help you integrate your own platforms or even build your own applications based on our rich set of APIs.


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