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Super proud to be finally launching the Access to Knowledge for Development Center - A2K4D Solar energy data platform!


A project jointly between the access to knowledge for development team in the American University in Cairo, and implemented by latest web and open data technologies provided by our team, and funded by Canada's International Development Research Center & Germany's Fredrich Ebert Stiftung.


Solar Energy data platform not just a collection of datasets but a platform for sharing knowledge:

The target of this online platform to be the online hub for all the solar energy business in Egypt, at this stage its acts as a tool for data collection where those companies can register directly on the website and on the other side this data is displayed and listed as well as the location of those companies are displayed on a map.


Connecting the dots….Open Data is simply the idea of “connectivity”

Open data is the idea that some data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. “wikipidia”

Organizations around the globe are increasingly making their data open and available for the public to discover, access, and use. This is fueling entrepreneurship, accelerating scientific discovery, and creating efficiencies across many industries. 


Driving outcomes through Open Data:

Nowadays its becoming fact that data is the new oil and opening up data for use and reuse can create new business models and new opportunities where sky is the limit! Looking at a business sector like solar energy in Egypt where the supply chain includes several players from distributers, installers, suppliers, and support, the data for all those players is extremely fragmented. Here came the role of the Solar Data Platform


Open Data can provide great opportunities to Arab governments:

Governments have massive amounts of data about all aspects of life in the country which remains under -utilized. Publishing open data can help make governments more efficient, improve transparency, empower citizens, and provide new business opportunities to the private sector.

The governments of the GCC countries are taking steps to provide easy access to their respective data. This is aimed at improving their services and elevating the quality of life of people.


Case studies in Africa:

Open Data Initiatives in Kenya and Uganda

Using case studies from Uganda and Kenya this project has carried out research on the evolution of the open data movement in the two countries and has assessed the role that the movement plays in the equitable allocation of financial resources for the eradication of extreme and chronic poverty. Besides the role that existing and emerging open data processes in the two countries may be playing in promoting citizen/public engagement and the allocation of resources



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