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At the Heart of Cairo at the Cairo Opera House Takreem Awards Ceremony Took Place on 26 November 2016 it was a glamorous and remarkable event where the Arab Achievers where honored with Takreem awards to recognize their role and contribution to the community and to those who have made a huge impact in their fields.


What is Takreem

TAKREEM was founded in 2010 by longtime broadcast journalist Ricardo Karam to promote the inspiring stories of change-makers in the Arab world. TAKREEM identifies and honors Arabs who have excelled in their field and inspired others in their quest for cultural, educational, scientific, environmental, humanitarian, social and economic excellence.


When and where the event Took Place:

The event Took Place on 26 November at the Cairo Opera house and it was attended by Arab Super stars, successful entrepreneurs, Influential Political and Media Figures and then it was followed by a Press conference on 27 November with the Arab Laureates at Four seasons Nile Plaza where the Laureates talked about their success stories

Find out here who the Arab Laureates of 2016 are!


We had great pleasure to be part of Takreem and to be their Online Media partner and to provide them with the maximum support by putting their online audience in the action as following:


Live Streaming:

We provided professional live streaming on Takreem Facebook page for the Awards Ceremony at the Cairo Opera House and also the press conference at Four Seasons Nile Plaza


Live Social Media Event Coverage:

It was such a great journey to be operating Social and covering the event on hashtag #TakreemAwd on Twitter and Instagram and here is a quick insight from the top tweets during the ceremony  and the press conference.

While the instagram account got unmatched engagement with the photos as well as the stories shared, also the hashtag #TakreemAWD got trending over twitter during the awards ceremony. Also it was a great opportunity to meet the Arab Laureates of 2016 and to be inspired with their success stories.

Felicitations to Takreem Awards 2016 laureates. You are a True inspiration to all Arab World!


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