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Today’s the Digital Marketplace is extremely challenging, leading companies and organizations recognized that digital strategy present multiple growth opportunities Online.

Proudly BlueCloud “a professional services company that provides world-class services and solutions to enterprise customers in Egypt, Gulf and Europe” Sought our assistance to improve their online presence and performance.

We were so proud to deliver to Blue Cloud the bellow services:


1. Digital Marketing Strategy:

It all starts with a proper digital strategy!

With a proper digital marketing strategy, Organizations and companies can provide a more consistent message, expand a company's network of potential customers, and better connect with prospective buyers—all while driving greater returns.

We provided a complete digital marketing strategy after an extensive study and a proper market research starting with detailed stakeholders analysis and persona design to understand exactly the brand story, competitor’s analysis, products and partners and case studies followed by the proper content strategy as follows:

- Studying the users’ needs and analyzing them, mapping the content topics to buyer personas and purchase journey over the portal and different online channels

- The proper targeting for existing and potential customers

- The speed of communication with customers and visitors

- Analyzing similar companies easily and effectively

- The most important online marketing tactics, effective content strategy and the best social network sites for that type of business

- The different Types of Content that can be used on social networks to drive engagement and call to actions “focusing on the four "R's" of effective messaging” (Right messages, right channels, right times and right audiences).


2. Website Content Development:

Content development is a crucial aspect of every successful company's online presence. High quality, unique content is what users and search engines are looking for, original and great content does not only make a good website, it also improves your site’s rankings, which can have a very positive impact on your business.

This was the 2nd phase of the project after delivering the digital media strategy we worked on the content requirements for different types of portal users, including the content map, the unique values they are looking to provide through the content, and finally came the actual content creation, web writing, editing and publishing.


3. Providing Online Marketing Training:

Building a successful digital marketing strategy is just like building anything – it starts with a solid foundation. That foundation comes from understanding how to build and implement.


Training included the following:

- A Full understanding of the different social networks and which work best for that kind of business

- Identifying potential customers and what social media channels they are using

- How to connect with online communities on different platforms

- Management and Monitoring of Social Networks

- The different types of content and content creation tools

- How to develop a strong content plan “Determining the responsibilities, tasks, content flow, distribution channels and publishing “

- Best Practices for E-mail Marketing

- How to communicate brand story through Online Video Marketing

- How to use Google analytics and the most important KPI’s to measure Website traffic

- How to measure all the marketing efforts online “Assessing Performance and opportunities”


We really had great pleasure delivering BlueCloud the above services…

We also had great pleasure working with BlueCloud on a joint project WMRA…. With BlueCloud providing the website design and development and InsideOut Today providing the website content development, digital marketing strategy and online marketing training.

During the WMRA project BlueCloud showed great interest in the services we provided and accordingly we were asked to deliver the same services provided to WMRA “the website content development, digital marketing strategy and online marketing training “ of course, every project is different but it all have the basic challenges “Researching, writing and aligning content creation with SEO goals and user needs for maximum impact”


Many organizations and companies are available online, but they don’t have a clear, integrated digital marketing strategy.

And with the ever changing landscape of digital word, digital Strategy needs to be flexible and reviewed on a regular basis, unlike a business strategy where you can have a 3-5 year plan to work towards.

We will be happy to receive your questions about everything related to digital marketing through our website or our Facebook page.




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