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The Ministry of Environment launched the portal for its new entity which is the Waste Management Regulatory Authority WMRA which is a big leap in terms of technicality, quality and diversity of the content

We are so proud to be part of this great project by providing the below services:

1. Website Content Development: 

Good quality content is what set a good website apart from the masses and delivers the right message into the hearts and minds of your customers. The success of any website is determined primarily by its content. The content creation is an essential and crucial stage for an effective online presence

We were so keen to provide an extensive study by first understanding the role of the organization and services provided, secondly understanding customers, users and visitors needs and behavior to be familiar with the full requirements to be able to provide premium content for an ultimate usability and user experience along with optimizing the content for search engines

The content of any website should always begin with a proper market research and professional content strategy. To accomplish these, first phase of the project was detailed stakeholders analysis and persona design to understand exactly the content requirements for different types of portal users. Second came the information architecture design to ensure smooth flow of information and content accessibility and finally came the actual content creation, web writing, editing and publishing.

2. Digital Marketing Strategy: 

Since that the successful online presence mainly depends on building a strong digital marketing plan that includes content creation & management, search engine optimization and also how to best leverage on social networks

The digital marketing plan of any organization or company is the window of success in achieving marketing objectives

We provided a complete digital marketing strategy after an extensive study as follows:

  • Studying the stakeholders needs and analyzing them, mapping those needs to corresponding sections for features over the portal and different online channels. For example the services provided and how the portal can be the right platform to communicate and attract investments in the field of solid waste and also to create community awareness and job opportunities
  • The proper targeting for existing and potential recipients of the service
  • The speed of communication with stakeholders and visitors
  • Analyzing similar organizations easily and effectively
  • The most important online marketing tactics, effective content strategy and the best social network sites for that type of business
  • The different Types of Content that can be used on social networks to drive engagement and call to actions

3. Providing Online Marketing Training: 

Awareness on how to implement effectively the digital strategy is very important as building the plan without knowing how to implement it leads to the failure of the marketing efforts

Training included the following:

  • How to properly use Google analytics to analyze visitor’s behavior on the website and how to keep tracking of the site performance and the site content by monitoring the results and working on continuous improvement to meet the desired objectives
  • The Factors affecting social media marketing performance
  • Determining the responsibilities, tasks, content flow, content creation, and the content marketing calendar
  • How to measure all the marketing efforts online

Using appropriate digital marketing strategy can affect quite significantly on the results of your campaigns and your company's marketing efforts and sales.  

If your organization or company doesn't have a digital marketing strategy, it's time to get one! ... You have to know what you're working towards…compare where you are now to where you need to be in the future a clear strategy and a roadmap is a MUST

We will be happy to receive your questions about everything related to digital marketing through our website or our Facebook page.


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