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360 video

360° video has reinvented the idea of digital storytelling, 360° video is now giving the audiences the power to choose their own preferred viewpoint, allowing them to change it seamlessly at any moment they like, which means more interactivity and more engagement over video content! 


360° Videos are revolutionizing Online Marketing

Over time the types of stories that people want to tell each other and the types of content they want to share with each other is getting richer and more immersive.

Video content was the favorite form of content for long time and now comes the 360° video contrary to traditional video, where the field of view of traditional video is limited to a relatively small angle, 360° video captures everything around us, in a 360 degree sphere.

Many companies have seized the opportunity and took advantage of 360° video, recognizing it as a new and highly interactive way to produce digital content, transform viewer experience with more than just traditional viewable content.


Delivering Immersive Experience for Customers

Producing a 360° video or 360° live streaming to the fullest with high quality requires the best equipment and cameras, the right streaming format and the most suitable player.

At InsideOut Today We have the experience, equipment, cameras, technical resources and the best in class streaming servers, encoders & players.

Moreover, as an Authorized Consultant and an international preferred reseller for Wowza streaming technologies, we are proud to support the distribution, technical support and consultancy for Wowza products in the Middle East & Africa

The seamless integration of wowza technologies and our resources and technical support allows us to provide an immersive video experience to your audience.

You can check here wowza latest technologies for 360 streaming including 360° streams to massive audiences on top platforms, such as Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitter and YouTube Live

If you are interested in 360° video productions, live 360° streaming, creating virtual tours or taking your virtual reality to the next level Contact us today to discuss your needs.


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