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As Insideout Today is well-known for providing its substantial expertise in the field of Social Media services and solutions, we have organized our second Social Media workshop, on this occasion for Entrepreneurs, as part of the Entrepreneurship Empowerment Symposium during the Global Entrepreneurship week. The workshop took place at the Convention Center located in Smart Village on the 7th of November, 2010.
Before the Insideout Today workshop started, the Symposium was honored by the presence of his Excellency Dr. Tarek Kamel, the Minister for Communications and Information Technology along with a number of IT officials from Cisco, Google, Asdaa, etc, who gave a number of enlightening speeches about the importance of web communications and how crucial it is for Entrepreneurs being a new and rising digital world language,.
Dr. Kamel also met the Interact management team, Sandro Costa; CEO of Interact, Andrea Volpini, General Manager and Fady Ramzy, Country manager, as the Minister stopped by their booth where he was presented with a quick overview about social media, mobile applications, media streaming services and the platforms provided by interact.
"We are proud to be here today in this symposium to share with the audience our experience in Social media marketing and we very happy to work jointly with ELCC on, the first of its kind in Egypt, web communications and social media training program." Ramzy, commented.
As Interact's motto is "play innovation", they managed and delivered this workshop in different ways, hence it was broadcasted live in the simplest ways from Ramzy's mobile phone camera by Ahmed Atef, Insideout Today's System Engineer to an involved number of viewers watching live streaming over the web from different parts of the world. In addition, the workshop was tweeted live by Jasmine Aladdin, Insideout Today's Social Media Marketing Specialist and Business Coordinator over Insideout Today twitter account with a certain hashtag for the event. There was a considerable number of participations from outside the workshop hall where the audiences followed the speakers over twitter, posted their questions and interacted directly with the presenters. Let alone, that the presentation was already uploaded to Insideout Today's slideshare account and Remon Magdy - Technical lead at Interact, along with Jasmine, covered the event by taking photos to be uploaded to Flickr. Fady as well shared his experience relating how he personally uses twitter for generating new business opportunities for interact.
The workshop was attended by entrepreneurs of various age-groups, who showed heightened interest in entering the planet of Social media networks, with the relative facts and figures about some of the famous, common and most used social media networks in Egypt such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube, etc. Some of the Entrepreneurs from the audience even shared their own experiences with Social media by explaining what they had simply done to promote their business during start-up. Some used Facebook fan Pages, others Blogs and even others depended only on their websites.
Fady, in his presentation, also stressed the importance of having an all-round online identity starting from a professional website, considered as the base hub of knowledge and information that an entrepreneur offers to his target audiences, then extending its reach to blogs, newsletters & email marketing, online video communications and social media optimization.
There was also a focus on the critical value of web data analytics and Search Engine Optimization, in fact Andrea Volpini said "Without SEO, your website might not be known as you'd wish it to be!" as he discussed the value of Web Data marketing. "What is RAW DATA?" he asked and simply answered it by saying that "RAW DATA is free information available for use by any application or anyone who is looking to understand anything online". Last but not least, he stressed the importance of understanding keywords and key phrases that would help people find you easily when they search for what they need.
Ramzy and Volpini also presented statistics of certain social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin. They further shared Interact's Experience in utilizing social media platforms to promote Interact, highlighting the advantages of their usage and its impact on their online and offline customers.
In addition to the workshop, Interact had actually attended and given a brief overview that was run by Ramzy; Insideout Today country manager, on the content of the workshop on the 5th of November, 2010 during the Opening of the Entrepreneurship Empowerment Symposium that took place in Cairo at the Intercontinental City Stars.
For checking Photos of the event you can check our Flickr account.For Checking the Presentation of the Workshop you can go to our Slideshare account
For Getting more information on anything said during the workshop, you can follow our twitter account - InteractEgypt and use the hashtag #Followinteract.


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