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The perception of Social Media, especially in Egypt has completely changed since Jan the 25th, 2011 in Egypt, as it became known to the whole world that one of the greatest - if not the greatest- revolution in the history of Egypt, is driven by Social Media Networks!
The impact of social media networks it not to be undermined any longer! They have proved to be very powerful interms of convening people, specifically when there are serious issues at hand.
Insideout Today has compiled a report that showcases the influence of Social Media networks on pushing the people forward to a leap of faith in their own country, and it briefly mentions how the revolution has all started on Social Media Networks, how it continued to drive the people to take some serious actions, how it became one of the most important tools for measuring people's sentiment on any given situation--events or incidents happening around! Media channels have also made use of this by interacting with the publics online to get direct feedback from them. In the report there are some facts and figures about famous social media platforms, such as Facebook, and twitter, and YouTube, before, after and during the revolution.
You can check it on our Slideshare account and give us your feedback..


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