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Content development and digital marketing strategy expertly delivered to Blue Cloud!

Today’s the Digital Marketplace is extremely challenging, leading companies and organizations recognized that digital strategy present multiple growth opportunities Online.

Proudly BlueCloud “a professional services company that provides world-class services and solutions to enterprise customers in Egypt, Gulf and Europe” Sought our assistance to improve their online presence and performance.

We were so proud to deliver to Blue Cloud the bellow services:


1. Digital Marketing Strategy:

طفرة فى اليه اداره المخلفات فى مصرعبر اطلاق موقع جهاز تنظيم ادارة المخلفات

أطلقت وزاره البيئه الموقع الالكترونى الخاص بجهاز تنظيم اداره المخلفات فى مصر WMRA  و هو ما يعد طفره كبيره  من حيث التقنيه و جودة و تنوع المحتوى

نفخر بدورنا فى هذا المشروع بتقديم الخدمات الاتيه:


1. المحتوى المكتوب للموقع

تعد شبكة الإنترنت إحدى أهم موارد المعلومات في هذا العصر لم تعد شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي على الإنترنت تقتصر على كونها أدوات اتصال فهى الان تشكل واحدة من أهم أدوات التسويق التفاعلي

Insideout Today and HelixWare taking part at IBC2016

What is IBC?

The IBC Conference & Exhibition is an unrivalled global destination for discussion and debate about the many different challenges facing the electronic media and entertainment industry, both in its sessions and in the range of networking opportunities it affords.

Also the IBC Exhibition takes place, spreading across 15 huge halls, themed by creation, management & delivery to host more than 1600 of world-class media technology providers.

Live Streaming RiseUp for the 3rd consecutive Year, using HelixWare!

InsideOut Today proudly provided for the 3rd consecutive year the live streaming service for the RiseUp Summit broadcasting the event to the world over the internet to multiple devices, using our video streaming platform, the HelixWare. This year was more challenging to us as the event grew bigger with many tracks and many interesting sessions, workshops, keynote speeches and fireside chats to be live streamed! Thanks to the Riseup team who assisted us in spotting the most important spots to stream.

Helixware Boosts Public Broadcasting through Multi-screen Digital Media Delivery

We are glad to deliver our second Helixware platform in Kuwait, after successfully launching the first one in FastTelco, Kuwait’s leading ISP project, to the Kuwait national radio and television to broadcast live eight TV channels and nine radio channels. The TV channels include also three channels in High definition with top-notch video quality streaming across multiple devices.

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