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Jack Smith

Submitted by tifa on Tue, 02/23/2016 - 09:38

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Jack Smith
Web Designer

Why is video crucial for business in 2016?” meetup gathers Egypt’s online content creators

We were really proud to be back strongly again with a series of meetups to bring together Egypt Online Content Creators in one place aiming to raise awareness, share knowledge and network with like-minded pears about different topics related to online business.

First meetup was last week focusing on the importance of Online Video content in Egypt, presenting the latest technologies in online video world and finally discussing the different opportunities for this business in Egypt

When and where the event took place: 

Egypt Online Content Creators series: Why Video is Crucial for Your Business in 2016?

Join February meetup "Why Video is Crucial for Your Business in 2016" and let's dig into deep discussions about content Creation especially Video and Video Platforms

This meetup comes aligned in a series of meetups previously held by Insideout Today, to bring together all the community of online content creators in Egypt. Whether you are an influential blogger, a graphic designer, photographer, (online) Journalist, video creator or maybe even a musician you are most welcome to attend.

Live Streaming RiseUp for the 3rd consecutive Year, using HelixWare!

InsideOut Today proudly provided for the 3rd consecutive year the live streaming service for the RiseUp Summit broadcasting the event to the world over the internet to multiple devices, using our video streaming platform, the HelixWare. This year was more challenging to us as the event grew bigger with many tracks and many interesting sessions, workshops, keynote speeches and fireside chats to be live streamed! Thanks to the Riseup team who assisted us in spotting the most important spots to stream.

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