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Are you a radio station or TV broadcaster?

Voto is a simple platform that comes with a mobile app to monetize your content and drive real-time engagement for your brand over social media. If you have a daily/weekly best tracks programming then voto is the ideal solution for you.

Here is how Voto works:

The DJ uploads the tracks for today over the system backend. Tracks immediately appear on the user's apps, where user can preview those tracks, he can vote +ive or -ive for the "track of the day" and also can share his votes over his social networks. During the airing of the show, users also can vote in real-time and share those votes, the tracks move up and down in real-time accordingly.

So basically, it is not the DJ who decides the best tracks, it is the show fans who decide. Brands can have different advertising options over the app, for simple banners to full take-over.

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